Paolo Vallone was born April 24, 1979 in Maratea, a beautiful city that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Basilicata region, southern Italy.
During his early childhood he lived in Caselle, Pittari (SA); a town in the Cilento National Park. During this period he was often in contact with a reality of technical nature, thanks to his father Antonio who was a civil engineer. This will affect Paolo’s choices in his future studies.
Already as a child he showed interest in drawing and art, even participated in some competitions. At the age of eight he had his first contact with painting as he entered the atelier of a painter called Tuscany "Piter", who operated during that period in Caselle.
He remained fascinated by the colors, the shapes and this entire new way to draw using brushes and tubes of color. Among friends of his family there are also some major artists such as Giulio Greco and Wanda Fiscina.
After finishing his studies in high school he joined the faculty of mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan. During this period he learns and performs airbrush art work commissioned to decorate helmets and motorcycles.
Throughout his academic years he often does brand designing and web designing for hotels, combining his artistic skills with his technical and computer knowledge.
As he was living in Milan since 2000 he had the opportunity to visit museums such as the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and the Pinacoteca di Brera, experiencing the charm of old masters such as Caravaggio and Leonardo da Vinci, and also most of the Impressionist and Macchiaioli painters from which he drew inspiration for his works.
An exhibition of Francis Bacon upset his artistic vision, but had little effect on his painting.
His real artistic activity began in 2005, starting with the reproduction of paintings from Impressionists such as Monet and Degas; proving he could be quite successful also in selling these.
He also had the opportunity to experience the Milan art scene where he met painter and sculptor Gaetano Fracasso, who invited him to paint in his studio and follow exhibitions of the most successful contemporary art galleries.
He then began to produce his own paintings with a technique some call hyper-realistic but in fact tends to Impressionism. The techniques used are oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas, he rarely uses watercolor. His themes are often nature, landscapes, the sea and animals.
In 2007 he joined the Daily Painters internet movement, which involved artists creating their own blogs. This movement, which has the American painter Justin Clayton as their leading member, has as its motto "a painting a day", which emphasizes the concept of painting faster.
Because of this movement he created his blog and also got to know hundreds of artists from around the world, exchanging opinions, advices and some much appreciated criticisms.

He participated in various exhibitions, cultural events and awards:

1st ART-painting exhibition Sicilì
Sicili (SA), Italy

2nd Impromptu Painting Competition "Gianni Talamini"
Santa Marina (SA), Italy
3rd place

2nd ART-painting exhibition Sicilì
Sicili (SA), Italy

Group exhibition of contemporary art
Caselle in Pittari (SA), Italy

Basiliano Monastery Painting Exhibition
San Giovanni a Piro (SA), Italy

3rd Impromptu Painting Competition "If one day Scario painted ..."
Scario (SA), Italy
1st place

Award-painting exhibition "Ortega"
Bosco (SA), Italy

4th Impromptu Painting Competition "If one day Scario painted ..."
Scario (SA), Italy
Certificate of attendance

Painting exhibition of artists from Cilento
Hall Consilina (SA), Italy

Today Paolo Vallone is a mechanical engineer and lives in Sicily (SA), southern Italy.
He continues to paint commissioned works, especially for restaurants and clubs, as well as portraits.
He exposes dozens of his pieces at his home where they can be enjoyed freely by visitors.